About Family Rehabilitation Centre


The Family Rehabilitation Centre (FRC) is a humanitarian, non-profit, non-governmental organization, registered in August 1992. It is an independent organization with its own Memorandum and Articles of Association and is incorporated under Section 21 of the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982.

  • Our Vision

    Communities and systems strengthened to effectively address and prevent trauma in Sri Lanka.

  • Our Mission

    To serve as one of the leading national organizations in rehabilitation of trauma survivors by engaging in counseling and holistic psychosocial services, and build capacity of relevant stakeholders to effectively address and prevent trauma in Sri Lanka.

  • Using this vision and broad framework, FRC is focusing its work on three specific spheres in the psychosocial field:
         1. Rehabilitation for trauma survivors
         2. Prevention of trauma and (re) victimization of trauma survivors
         3. Capacity building for relevant stakeholders


  • Our Clients

- Survivors of Gender Based Violence
        - Survivors of domestic violence
        - Sexual Violence
- Trauma Survivors
- Torture victims
- Widows and widowers affected by trauma
- Internally displaced persons affected by War
- Migrant workers affected by trauma
- Survivors of Natural Disasters
- Women and men who have been disabled as a result of trauma
And the Immediate Family Members of the above


Our Services

  • - Counseling and psychosocial support
  • - Awareness raising on psychosocial wellbeing and other related areas
  • - Training and capacity building
  • - Advocacy

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