FRC partnered with Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF) are implementing a new project from November 2013 which comes under one of FRCs’ key programme on prevention. Geographically programme will cover Anuradhapura, Ampara, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Colombo, and Kalutara.
      The overall objective of the project is to advocate the enforcement of the rule of law that protects an accused or convicted individual’s right to freedom from torture, including cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment in custody, detention or imprisonment in Sri Lanka. Specifically, the project objectives include support to civil society and state institutions to be accountable to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the prevalence of torture in Sri Lanka; to unify and foster support to prevent torture and introduce alternative questioning techniques, forensic psychology and other techniques; to further enhance the capacity of local service providers to identify, counsel and care for Torture Survivors (TS) and their Immediate Family Members (IFM); and to ensure the marginalised TS and IFM are given equal opportunities to participate in developing their communities.
      Above objectives will be achieved through five activities of the project which contains:
      • Research based six publications to increase knowledge, locally and internationally about prevention of torture in Sri Lanka.
      • Information sharing and networking on the prevention of torture with the civil society organisations and state institutions in six districts and at the national level.
      • The Provision of trainings to local service providers; police officers, prison officers, medical officers and lawyers.
      • Forum theatre performances to raise awareness on the form and prevalence of torture and challenge the established perceptions of grass root level communities in respect to use of torture.