Current Programmes - Prevention


Sri Lanka: A Society that Values Human Dignity

FRC partnered with Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF), are implementing a new project from November 2013 which comes under one of FRCs’ key programmes: prevention. Geographically, the programme will cover Anuradhapura, Ampara, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Colombo, and Kalutara. The overall objective of the project is to advocate the enforcement of the rule of law that protects an accused or convicted individual’s right to freedom from traumas, including cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment in custody, detention or imprisonment in Sri Lanka.

At present, FRC, in collaboration with SLF, is conducting a series of training programs to enhance the capacity of police and prison officers by improving their knowledge and skills.


*Note: The information contained on this page is compiled from 2010 onwards.