Past Programmes -Rehabilitation


Reducing the Incidences and Effects of Trauma (RESIST)

This programme was conducted under a Partnership Agreement signed between The Asia Foundation (TAF) and the Family Rehabilitation Centre (FRC). The overall objective of the Project was to facilitate trauma affected persons and their families to resume their role within the family and community.

Phase II of RESIST emphasizes on improving access to clinics and services provided. The secondary objective was to focus on the identification of trauma survivors and their families, rendering effective and systematic medical and psychotherapeutic care and assistance to those affected by trauma, and to encourage community participation in project implementation at the grass root level.

Victims of Trauma Treatment Project Outline (VTTP)

VTTP is a continuation of two prior programmes, namely RESIST I and RESIST II, all three of which were implemented in the Northern (except Mullaitivu) and Eastern Provinces. The main objective of this project was to provide psychosocial support and medical assistance to the survivors of trauma and their families. Focus was also on working towards reducing the use of substances that create trauma, and in general to make the public and the stakeholders aware of the survivor’s needs in order to address the problems they are faced with.


OAK Foundation via IRCT

FRC worked in partnership with relevant government offices, NGOs, and INGOs to address the psychosocial needs of the population affected by trauma. Through this initiative, FRC reached those persons affected by conflict and resettled in Ampara, Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Point-Pedro, Mannar, Vavuniya, and Kilinochchi, as well as those living in adjoining regions; assisting them to resume their roles within the family and community, and providing holistic psychosocial rehabilitation. The primary objective of this programme was to treat and rehabilitate survivors of trauma following the recent conflict, by ensuring that the FRC projects reach them. Partnership with OAK Foundation helped to: extend FRC’s capacity in the provision of psychosocial services; increase access to medical and physiotherapy services; develop community based psychosocial services; and increase awareness of mental health issues.

Towards Disability Inclusive Development through a Strengthened Rehabilitation Sector in South Asia via the Disability Organizations Joint Front

The objective of this project was to expand Community Based Rehabilitation activities, strengthen the physical rehabilitation sector through implementing relevant continuing education and linking these actions with formation, strengthening or increased awareness of rehabilitation policy in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, State of Orissa - India and Sri Lanka. The project commenced in August 2013.

Strengthening of Physical Rehabilitation Services for people with Disability/Injury in Kilinochchi in partnership with Handicap International

The main objective of this year long project, which began in September 2013, was to improve access and optimize quality physical rehabilitation services (especially with prosthetics & orthotics services) for people with physical disabilities/injuries in the conflict-affected Kilinochchi district, through the service deliverables related to the Decentralized Resource Centre on Disability (DRCD) and based on locally capacitated actors.

Expand and improve FRC’s provision of psychosocial services, medical care and livelihood support to survivors of trauma, people with disabilities and their Immediate Family Members via Canada Fund for Local Initiatives

The immediate objective of this project, which commenced in November 2012, was to offer high quality, effective, holistic rehabilitation services by integrating counselling, medical treatment, physiotherapy and livelihoods assistance to trauma survivors, people with disabilities and their immediate family members, thereby improving their and their family members’ quality of life by reintegrating them successfully to the society as respectable individuals and families. In addition, the project built community level sustainability on proactive of mental health issues through Grass Root Level Action Commit-tees, Community Volunteers and Peer Support Groups.

Livelihood Support via Canada Fund for Local Initiatives Project

This livelihood support programme commenced activities in October 2012 and continued through March 2013. The objective of this project was to increase income generating opportunities for FRC’s terminated clients, thereby improving their quality of life, and that of their families, by reintegrating them successfully into society as respectable individuals and families. Beneficiaries were provided with awareness on the importance of psychosocial wellbeing for livelihood development, basic livelihood activities, and how to select appropriate livelihood sector for the client.

*Note: The information contained on this page is compiled from 2010 onwards.